Tugs Athletic Club Training Page

The Twelve Principles of the Tugs Training Program. Sometime tugs-t-shirt.com coaches will provide videos and writings on each Tugs training principle.

Training Principles

  • 1. Get your ass out of bed. Simple. Video says it all.

  • 2. Training table


    Maybe the most important

    Under construction

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  • 3. Get your ass moving and keep it going


    Walk, use stairs. Cardio - at least 40 minutes a day.

    Under construction

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  • 4. Core, Strength

    Center of Gravity

    Gut, Flexibility.  Joe Bartoli, P90x, YRG, AV workout. AVC workout. Under Construction

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  • 5. Variety is the spice of life


    Vary workouts, cross train, and most of all have fun

    Have fun. Try these workouts

    Jack LaLanne Challenges Weights

  • 6. Science

    Test Tube

    Larson versus Warren

    If you want to know

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  • 7. Equipment, technique and training tips - Swim - Bike - Run

    From the Tugs Athletic Coaches and others

    Original Tugs Triathlon video, made in the early 1980's with Tom Warren coaching the swimming segment, Mike and Audrey Levonas the cycling segment, and Mac Larson the running segment. Also, a good bike training tip from Dan Rock.

    Murph Tips Cycling Tips

  • 8. Measure and Logs

    Diaries, Logs, and Blogs

    The Ironman Triathlon swim is based on the 2.4 mile Waikiki Rough Water Swim (WRS). Tugs-T-Shirt.com delivery boy Pat Clancey gives the race a try. Read his training log and swimming experiences for the race. Keep up with with Pat's current training log.

    Pat's 2011 Training Log WRS Training Log WRS Photo Gallery

  • 9. Carbine Williams

    Ever see the movie?

    If you see the movie,  you will know all there is know about this principle.

    Carbine Williams the Movie

  • 10. F U


    A must, Pat Hauck

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  • 11. Test


    See what Tom Warren has to say on the Tugs Summer Sales Commercial

    How will you ever know

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  • 12. Spider Sense



    Know where you are and be wary of danger

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