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Tugs Vintage Videos

Tom Warren on the Tonight Show

Original Tugs Commercial

Larry Himmel on Tugs Closing

San Diego News Broadcasts on Tugs Closing

Tugs Deal

2007 Tugs Sales Commercial

2007 Tugs Tavern Christmas Video

2008 Tugs Tavern Christmas

2008 Tugs Tavern Summer

2009 Tugs Christmas

2010 Tugs Christmas

2012 Tugs Tavern Christmas Video

In Memoriam




Tom Warren

1988 Tugs Race Paper Plates

Tom Warren's Greatest Compliment

Tom Warren on Training Logs

Tom Warren Swimming Part 1

Tom Warren Swimming Part 2

Tom Warren Triathlon Running with Mac

Tom Warren Triathlon Running with Mile Lavonnas

USC Swimming Coacb Peter Daland

Tugs Business Insights


Tom's Garden

Tom's Vancouver Trip

Tugs Races

1976 Tugs Race

1977 Tugs Race

1980 Tugs Races

1980 Race Preview

1988 Tugs Race Part 1

1988 Tugs Race Part 2

1988 Tugs Race Part 3

1988 Tugs Race Part 4

1988 Tugs Race Part 5

1988 Tugs Race Part 6

1988 Tugs Race Part 7

1988 Tugs Race Part 8

Unknown Tugs Race 1

Unknown Tugs Race 2

Ironman Videos

1982 Ironman Part 1 Free Wheeling Films Bruce Dern

1982 Ironman Part 2 Free Wheeling Films Bruce Dern

1981 Ironman Part 1

1981 Ironman Part 2

1981 Ironman Part 3

1981 Ironman Part 4

1981 Ironman Part 5

1981 Ironman Part 6

Spartan Camp, Workouts, and Weekend Warriors

Tugs Spartan Camp Workout 1

Tugs Team Hikes Cowles Mountain