Butch Cornelius

Butch Corneilus

  • Tugs Tavern Logo

        The popular Tugs Tavern logo was created by Clifford "Butch" Cornelius in the late

    1960's. A Mission Bay High School alumni, Butch Cornelius was a well-known local

    artist/cartoonist in the Southern California surf culture from his youth in the 60's, and well into

    the modern-day art scene. Butch created the main logo for Tugs, including the legendary mural

    on the outside wall of Tugs Tavern, as well as a multitude of artwork and imagery encompassing

    everything from Tugs menus to the now famous Tugs T-Shirts.

         His early career included working and creating art, silk screening T-shirts and various

    other art projects for Hobie Surfboards, Wind and Sea Surf Club and eventually Tugs Tavern

    during it's heyday. He was well known as a PB local with his studio right next door to Tugs,

    where he participated with everything from marketing to bartender to back-up cook... and

    friendly neighborhood artist for surf shops.

          Hailing originally from Indiana, as well as being a Vietnam Vet, Butch has left his mark in

    both Southern California and recently up North with 50 years of logo and cartoon work for surf

    and skateboard shops, newspapers, movies and sports teams.