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John Clancey Aquathon July 26, 2016 6:00 PM, South Mission Beach - Check in begins 4:45 PM

Directions     Sign Up    Safety    Race Course    Awards

Directions to Race


  1. Parking lots shown on map at 3037 Mission Blvd (across from Belmont coaster) and 2600 Bayside Lane (South Mission Beach, Bayside).
  2. If Bayside Lane parking filled use 3037 Mission Blvd parking lot across from Belmont Park
  3. Check starting at 4.00 PM on day of race for Bayside Lane parking lot status (filled or available)

Race Signup

  1. Please have your 10 dollars ready.
  2. If registered for race, please provide your race number and 10 dollars to race signup official. If you cant recall number, please provide your last name.
  3. Funds go to trophies, water, soft drinks, and ice, and lifeguard.
  4. If not registered for race, please fill out provided 3x5 index card with name, age, and gender and give to race signup official
  5. After signing in you will be asked to sign release form.
  6. Before race please check race map near race sign up. Race starts at 6:00 PM.
  7. This year we will not be having a beer stop, so no ID check in will be required.


  1. When crossing Mission Blvd, please stay next to the jetty. Both ways.
  2. After crossing Mission Blvd, cross over to other side of Bayside Lane when it is safe. Both ways.
  3. During run portion of race, please be cognizant of public use of beach.
  4. Please give any member of the public the right of way.
  5. Please do not run into or over anyone. Especially be aware of the little ones. They can come out of nowhere.
  6. During swim please swim between shore and anchored boats.
  7. We will have lifeguard on surfboard.

Race Course

  1. See race directions here.


  1. Starts when last swimmer exits water

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