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Race Flyer

John Clancey 2008 Race Preview Video Part A

John Clancey 2008 Race Preview Video Part B

John Clancey 2008 Race Commercial Video

John Clancey Race 2008 Beer Stop Raw

John Clancey Race Video Clip 1

John Clancey Race Video Clip 2

John Clancey Race Video Clip 3

John Clancey Race Video Clip 4

2008 Race Starters ( I like the swim goggles)

Overall Race Results

PositionNumberNameDivisionMiller StopTime
11Jim VanceMens White Yes32:53
229Ben WestonMens Red Yes35:19
332Tyler ClarkMens Red Yes35:53
423Brad GoldenMens Red Yes36:19
52Erik PelussarMens Red Yes37:18
63Dean SpraqueMens Blue Yes37:32
734Brandin WillsMens Red Yes38:35
84John SerranoMens Blue Yes38:40
933Matthew ThatcherMens Red Yes39:04
1022Justin CalbreathMens Red Yes39:57
1131Greg ZackowskiMens Blue Yes40:47
1235Shane BuysseMens Red Yes41:29
1335Greg SewellMens Blue Yes41:40
1494David PazMens White Yes42:40
1538Cory OsthMens White Yes42:55
1621Erin MerzWomens Red Yes43:29
1730Matthew HolmesMens Blue Yes43:33
1837Damon SmithMens Blue Yes44:28
1943David HuffMens Blue No44:36
2045Amanda WulzinskiWomens Red No45:05
2128Gerald TrimbleMens Khaki Yes45:07
2242Chris GroarkMens Red Yes45:21
2390Andrew ConcorsMens Blue Yes46:46
2426Brendan Lee JrMens Khaki Yes47:05
2591Brian WrongMens Red Yes47:06
2636Dave BuysseMens Khaki Yes48:07
2746John HealyMens Yellow No48:38
2839James DeliquantiMens Blue Yes49:35
2965Denny Shea - Kim MIllerTeam Red Yes50:31
3067Bruce Rickard - Kevin HackettTeam Blue No53:08
3118Scott BrookensMens White No53:13
3240Johnna SmithWomens White Yes53:31
3324Frederic WhitakerMens Khaki Yes54:01
3427Kym MilburnWomens Blue Yes55:31
3547John BrandesMens Yellow No55:40
3641Robert McCarthyMens Khaki No59:05
3755Debbie WatryWomens Blue Yes59:18
3844Jim GroarkMens Yellow No59:18
3953Elizabeth ChanyWomens Red No59:37
4048Lois YUWomens Blue No61:48
4150Cindi HoangWomens White Yes63:00
4249Jason MauneMens White No67:00
4351Leticia CazaresWomens White No72:00
??Tom MichalekMens White No?
??Sal RubioTeam Blue No?
DNSDNSMac LarsonTurd List NoDNS
DNSDNSJim ThompsonTurd List NoDNS
DNSDNSDan RockTurd List NoDNS
DNSDNSMurphy ReinSchriberTurd List NoDNS
DNSDNSJerry StoweTurd List NoDNS
DNSDNSJenny LamottTurd List NoDNS
DNSDNSMickey MorreriaTurd List NoDNS
DNSDNSWayne BuckinghamTurd List NoDNS
DNSDNSWally BuckinghamTurd List NoDNS

What is the Turd list? FAQ What is the meaning of division by color? FAQ

Former Dave Pain Starters

Winner Jim Vance

Women's Race Divisions

Red Division (20-29)

White Division (30-39)

Blue Division (40-49)

Erin Merz


Johnna Smith


Kim Milburn


Amanda Wulzinski`


Cindi Hoang


Debbie Watry


Elizabeth Chany


Leticia Cazares


Lois Yu


Clanceys Handle Race Sign In


Beer Stop Sign In

Team Sign In

Individual Sign In

Men's Divisions

Red Division (20-29) White Division (30-39) Blue Division(40-49) Khaki Division(50-59) Yellow Division(60+)
Ben Weston


Jim Vance


Dean Spraque


Gerald Trimble


John Brandes


Tyler Clark


David Paz


John Serrano


Brendan Lee Jr


Jim Groark


Brad Golden


Cory Osth


Greg Zackowski


David Buysse


Erik Pelarussra


Scott Brookens


Greg Sewell


Frederic Whitaker


*John Healy


Brandon Wills


Jason Maune


Matthew Holmes


Robert McCarthy


Matthew Thatcher


Tom Michalek


Damon Smith


Shane Buysse




David Huff


*Please note all Turd Listers - John Healy is coming off a major leg surgery
Justin Calbreath


    Andrew Concors


He still comes out and swims the course twice - no excuses from John, what was your excuse again?
Chris Groark


    James Deliquanti


Brian Wrong





Before the Race Photos



Team Divisions

Blue Division

Gold Division

Denny Shea - Kim Miller


Bruce Rickard - Kevin Hackett


?- Sal Rubio








Race Start


Run Photos




Swim and Finish











John Clancey Birthday Biathlon



    John Clancey Biathlon Awards



This moment brought to you by

"The Coat"

Jim Vance - misses breaking course record again by 4 seconds, please visit for all your Tugs needs.


Dean Spraque for his enthusiasm and his promotion of the race

The Blears family requests your support for the Duke Ocean Fest Games August 17-24 to provide grants and scholarships for youths of Hawaii. Please visit for more details.


Cindy Hoang for completing the entire race with no swim training and her promotion of the race

Please visit Cindy at the Point on 2841 Canon Street, Just over a block off of Rosecrans for the best sandwiches in San Diego

"Dave Pain"

Al Olson for his participation and support of age group racing

B and L Bike, 211 N. Highway 101, Solana Beach and 3603 Camino del Rio West,San Diego, be sure to pickup Dano's Rock and Roll Book and visit their web site at

"Tom Warren"

Cant remember who received this award, help

Movin Shoes, 6105 Lake Murray Blvd, La Mesa, 897 Coast Hwy 101 Suite #101, Encintas, CA, 1892 Garnet Street, Pacific Beach and visit their web site at


Denny Shea

Moment Cycle Sport, 1357 Rosecrans, San Diego. Official dealer of Felt , Giant , Guru , & Parlee Bicycles and visit their web site at Also join JT every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 AM for rides to Cabrillo Monument and the tide pools.


Cant remember who received this award, help

Regina Leonard. Catch Regina at The Stage downtown every Thursday from 6pm to 7:30pm and visit Regina web site at


  Jim Vance Racing. For custom training programs visit



It was 33 years ago since

Race Notes

  1. First, I would like to thank everyone for coming out for the race and hope each of you had a great time. It was great seeing each of you out there and look forward to seeing you next year.

  2. I would like to thank Al Olson for serving as race director on 10 minutes notice. Al served for many years as race director for the Dave Pain race. Also, i would like to thank Deano, Scooter, Dan Rock, Mac Larson, Tom Warren and Jim Vance for their support with their appearances on the race preview and commercial videos. And a special thanks to my son Sean for filling in as a camera man, i was really stoked to see one of the race start photos and see him in position for filming the race start without any briefing before the race. Other thank yous goes to Garyanne for recording the race results, Chrisanne our lifeguard, and Dr Lee for speaking to us about Melanoma.

  3. And personally, it was great working with my family in preparing for the race. The night before and the preparation of the posters was quite an ordeal, my niece Katy had dreams all night she was working in a sweat shop. She was. Katy and Diane making the posters. Terrence doing the coloring. Sharon working on the registration cards. Sean watching TV. I cant remember what i did. The next day we were joined by my sister Colleen, my nephew Derek, and cousin Mike. It was great seeing then again.

  4. Another special thanks has to go out to the Sandbar and Mike for their holding of the beer stop. It was a real hit.

  5. We missed our camera person, Margo this year and all her photos, especially during the awards ceremony.

  6. I was hoping to have a good film video of the race, but was short a few camera men. What we have is a bit jittery, so it will be hard to put something together, but i can see in the future that this is really going to be a nice race feature.

  7. Finally, thanks again and look forward to seeing you again next year.



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