The Tugs Story

Tugs the Early Years

The Tugs story begins in 1969. Tom Warren just out of the Army was living in an apartment above Hamels in Mission Beach, San Diego, California. He was starting a business selling some kind of gadget used to quickly remove batteries from cars. One evening while visiting a local establishment he heard the Alaskan Tavern was for sale. The Alaskan Tavern was known as a social establishment for women. The business was not doing well and the owners were ready to move on. Tom and his brother Bill purchased the Alaskan Tavern for 10000 dollars and named it Tugs. Tom's nickname. While this was Tom's first ownership of a bar, he had gathered much experience as an auditor in the Army. He had audited a NCO club and other private businesses. Business did not get on to a good start. One night Tom recalls closing the cash register and there only being 14 dollars. It would be about 6 months, when Tom had an idea. That idea would would be a turning point for the business. Tugs would never look back. That idea would lead Tugs to a place in San Diego History. What was that idea? Come back in September and find out.  The Tugs story continues ...


Tugs closed on November 11, 1985.