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Race number assignment policy is as follows.

  1. Top 10 numbers are awarded to top ten finishers in previous years race.

  2. All Tugs overall race winners, womens and mens are assigned a number for life. Similar to having a number retired for life.

  3. The assigned number will not be used, if the person assigned the number does not appear.

  4. These number assignments are only for the San Diego chapter of the Tugs race, the Hawaii chapter (if the race ever goes) will follow the same number assignment policy of the San Diego chapter.

These are the race number assignments for the 2012 Tugs Swim Run Swim Race. Race numbers are assigned as follows:

Number Name
1 Toma Majek
2 Andy Thacher
3 Dean Spraque
4 Bruce Rickard
5 Anna Quillotte
6 Lenka Majek
7 Not Assigned
8 Not Assigned
9 Not Assigned
10 Not Assigned
Following numbers assigned to former race winners forever
11 Cindy Erck
12 Andy Miller
13 K Grady
14 Rick Kozdowski
15 Roxana Parnell
16 Tim Harvey
17 Caroline Hart
18 Bob Strickland
19 Jenny Lamott
20 Mitch Kahn
21 Leslie Mauer
22 Scott Tinley
23 Katherine Riddle
24 Roberta Troxell
25 Sheri Leorna
26 Jay Larson
27 Erin Merz
28 Andy Thacher
29 Tomas Majek
30 Anna Quillotte

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