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2006 Race Starters

1Dean SpragueSub MasterYes38:33
2Erik AndersonOpenNo39:29
3Erik PelussarOpenNo39:41
4Andy ThacherSub MasterNo44:35
5Scott "Scooter" BrookensOpenNo48:39
6Jim GroarkMasterNo50:23
7Pat ClanceyMasterYes51:56
8Rick CadinasSub MasterNo52:28
9Janie JonesTeam CNo54:54
10Suzy GableTeam CNo56:54
11Kim MillerTeam CNo56:54
12Bruce RickardTeam BYes56:54
13Steve LambTeam BNo56:54
14Glen StuartTeam ANo61:09
15Kevin HackettTeam ANo61:09
16John HealyMasterNo61:29
17Denny SheaMasterNoNo Time
18Benjamin MataBarefootNo?

Winner Dean Spraque with race founder David Pain

Miller Stop 2006

Dean carries on the tradition of the winners coat

2006 Trophies

2006 saw the introduction of the Tallyho award which went to Andy Thacher

Women award winners with David Pain

Kevin and Glenn receive their trophy from David Pain

2006 Race Results

2006 Swim finish

Scooter and David Pain

Others Receive Their Awards

Lifeguard Chrisanne gets everyone home safe

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