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2005 Race Starters

1Dean SpragueSub MasterYes38:48
2John SerranoSub MasterYes39:42
3John Healy JrTeam ANo39:46
3John Healy SrTeam ANo39:46
4Bryan ChadwellSub MasterYes40:06
5Andy ThacherSub MasterNo42:16
6Eli CashSub MasterNo44:11
7Bob BabbitMasterNo48:22
8Scott "Scooter" Brookens"OpenNo50:50
9Pat ClanceyMasterYes51:50
10Denny SheaOpenNo64:32
11Glen StuartTeam BNo70:12
11Kevin HackettTeam BNo70:12
12Steve FrankumMasterNo77:11
13Bruce RickardRunYes?
14John NorrisRunYes?
15Al OlsonRunYes?

Start of race

Scooter posing for photographers after race

Deans stops at the Miller Stop, has a beer in 15 seconds and goes on to win race

2005 Trophies

Ethyl makes appearance

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